Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Valkyrie Profile

Valkyrie Profile is a story based on Norse mythology. This world is divided into two, the world of mortals, which is known as Midgard and the world of the gods known as Asgard, where Odin reigns as the Supreme Being and as Lord of the gods.

Our main character here is a valkyrie which is a goddess that serve Odin and is known as the chooser of souls from Midgard. The soul that she chooses becomes a knight for the gods and is called an einherjar. Valkyrie needs to recruit einherjars mainly because of the coming war of the gods against the creatures from hell.

When I first saw Valkyrie Profile being played by some player from the gaming station, I just can’t keep my eyes off of it because I was mesmerized by the fantastic battle scenes I have witnessed during the game play and the fantastic graphics that this game has. All the einjerhars you will find on this game has different special moves each that are devastatingly awesome. The graphics of the special magic that sorcerers have are great and it really rocks my world. In order to let the characters do their special techniques you have to do a hundred numbers of hits to one of your enemy that can be done by attacking your enemy with all of your four available characters on the battle scene. After that you can unleash the destructive move I was writing about. The character Lenneth, the valkyrie was drawn beautifully. I just fell in love with her beauty, wishing she was real.

The only problem with this game is that when you have to acquire an einherjar, you will have to wait a long period of time for most of the scenes to end before you can continue on with your journey and do battle again.

But this game still is one of the best games I have ever played on the Playstation one. I recommend it to everyone.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Resident Evil 3

Resident Evil 3 is the third game in the series. This story takes place during and after the events on Resident Evil 2. This is the comeback game of Jill Valentine from Resident Evil 1 as she is the main character on this game. This game features Jill’s last escape from Raccoon City. The control for the main character is still the same but it has an added feature for her that is not on the other two earlier series. This new feature is her ability to dodge enemy attacks and the ability to turn 180 degrees in a second which is very useful when you are being chase by Nemesis. Nemesis is the creature that Umbrella created to destroy whatever they like, he is an experimental weapon made for war. Right now Umbrella’s order to this beast is to seek out and destroy all STARS members he could find and unfortunately Jill is one of the STARS members.

I love playing this game especially the thrill of me being chased by Nemesis. It can be very annoying if you don’t know how to escape him or you don’t have enough firearms to render him motionless into the ground temporarily.

You will find this game as exciting as the other two series and puzzles are a little bit more difficult than its predecessors.

I recommend it to all who love survival horror games.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 is the first survival horror game in a three dimensional perspective view that I played on the Playstation one console. As usual, I saw this game being played by most players in most Playstation gaming centers during that time. I bought my copy of this game at Metropolis Mall in Alabang. I was really excited to buy this game but when I tried to play it, I eventually became irritated and confused about the controls because I am used to controlling a character in a game doing the move I expect it to move just like a mouse pointer on the personal computer. I ended up rotating the character when I try to have him move to the left by pressing the left arrow button on the controller and vice versa. And when I tried pressing up or down button the character will move upward endlessly on his point of view and not the player’s point of view. Playing this game requires you to control the character by thinking you are the character, hence pressing the up button is the forward command for the character in the game and down button is for the backward command, the left and right buttons are commands to get the character to rotate to his left and right respectively. You got to think like you are the character. This tip is very useful in the all throughout navigation in the entire game.

Resident Evil 2’s story is a continuation of where Resident Evil 1 story left off. A team of high elite group called STARS or Special Tactics and Rescue Squad was sent to investigate a mysterious mansion on the outskirts of Raccoon City. And they found out that it was a secret passageway leading to the Umbrella Laboratory below Raccoon City. This corporation is experimenting on bio chemical weapons and viral weapons. One of these was a virus known as the T-virus. Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine managed to escape the mansion and laboratory, turning the self destruct button on, and that ultimately abolished the T-virus along with the mansion and laboratory. But as they went home to report the incident, nobody believed them, so the case against the Umbrella Corporation was dismissed.

A few months passed by, another virus was accidentally released known as the G-virus. This virus was invented by a certain scientist known as Dr. William Birkin. Umbrella tried to steal the G-virus from him and during the process Dr. Birkin was shot a number of times by the mercenaries that Umbrella hired to get the virus. Dr. Birkin injected himself with the G-virus and he became an inhuman creature with increased strength and agility. Then he killed all the mercenaries and the virus they were carrying was spilled on the sewer floors and eventually some rats ate the spilled content from the virus container, which they then released throughout all of Raccoon City. The city was immediately thrown into full chaos and then the ones who were bitten by the rats died and became a zombie. These zombies and other creatures began to eat people throughout the city, spreading the virus even more.
Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield are the protagonists in this game. They met when they arrived the night this incident began. Leon is a rookie cop that supposedly would have start his first day on the job, that same dreadful day of the incident and Claire is the sister of Chris Redfield from Resident Evil 1, she went to Raccoon City to find her brother.
When an accident occurred in the car that Leon and Claire were riding, they got separated by a flaming gas tanker that almost hit them and they decided to meet at the police station where they thought it was safer than anywhere in Raccoon City. They eventually found out that this leads to another Umbrella Laboratory and they have found a train that they use to escape that nightmare.
On this game, you will face a lot of zombies and powerful bosses. I recommend playing it safe by always having a healing item in your inventory all the time. I really enjoyed this game and played it an uncountable number of times already. This game is divided into two discs, one for Leon and one for Claire. The story can be played using either Leon or Claire first. The first character you play will start a game called Scenario A. This scenario ends with the train pulling off from the station and that’s it. After the ending credits, you get the chance to save your game and start again from the other character you didn’t chose to play Scenario A. The second character that will play from your last load from your last save will have to play Scenario B. This scenario will end with the true ending of this entire game. For example if you play Leon first, the scenario he is going to play is Scenario A. And after you save it and load it again, you get the chance to play using Claire for Scenario B. The same goes if you chose to play Claire the first time and play Leon the second time.
This is a very good game and guaranteed to keep you screaming and shouting the first time you play this game. Thank you, Capcom for introducing this game to the market. I recommend this for everyone who loves survival horror and action game with puzzles and a great graphical storyline.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Resident Evil 1

Resident Evil 1 is a science fiction and action adventure game that has a bite of horror into it. Haha. I think this game became popular because of the great graphics that were offered by the creators of this game. Furthermore it involves a fantastic storyline that added to its popularity.
The game scene was at a place called Raccoon City. Raccoon City is home to many people living a simple and good life. But Raccoon City is only a cover as it is also the home of the infamous Umbrella Corporation Laboratory on the face of the earth. Different experiments where done on this laboratory including viral research and bio weapons for the military. One experiment they have done is known as the T-virus.
Before this virus was inevitably released on the poor civilians on Raccoon City causing various mutations on plants and animals and the continuous regeneration of cell tissues on all living things even after their death which of course became the zombies and other hideous creatures, our protagonists discover a mansion on the outskirts of Raccoon City and they were told that there are bizarre incidents in that area that is why they were dispatch on that mansion and went there for an investigation.

The characters Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine are our playable characters on this game. You need to control them; solving puzzles and blasting your way through many foes to be able reach your main goal which is to escape the mansion. The controls are hard to get use to at first but just imagine yourself as the main character and you will press up on the controller if you want your character to move forward and down if you want them to move backwards and left and right if you want them to move sideways either left or right.
I first played this game after I have played Resident Evil part 2. That is why I am use to the control already. This is harder than the Resident Evil part two; in the sense that Chris can only obtain six items thereby forcing you to mostly go back and forth over and over again to unload the stuff you don’t need in an item box and then going back to where you need to pick up an item or two, while Jill has a eight items she can carry, but the only setback is that she has little stamina thus getting her into a danger status will be quick in one bite or two of those creatures.
When Resident Evil Genesis the Movie was played on the wide screen, I was surprised to see the mansion on the movie, but I was little disappointed because only a little portion of the mansion was seen in the movie and most scenes is the Umbrella Laboratory. Anyway, this movie is relatively close to the story of the game that is why I did enjoyed watching this movie even though the characters are different.
Overall, this is a good game to play, especially at night, for those action survival horror game fanatics out there like me.

Brigandine: The Legend of Forsena

Brigandine is the second tactics game that I played after Final Fantasy Tactics. This is a story about the world of Forsena. Forsena is a mythical world where wizards, knights, and monsters exist. The main goal of this game is to conquer all the castles on the map by means of attacking it with your chosen characters from your chosen country. The countries you can choose from are Leonia, New Almekia, Carleon, Norgard, Iscalio and the secret country you can play only by inputting a secret code on the start of the game, Esgares Empire. Whatever country you choose, the objective is still the same. The only difference is the leaders and their unique ability and magic.

I love the level up feature in this game where characters that reach level 10 can transform into a more powerful warrior or wizard with added skills and/or magic. For example, a mage at level 1-9 can transform into a druid or a sorcerer when he reached level 10 and can transform into a necromancer or a wizard at level 20 and above.

I played this game using these strategies.

1. I never left my castle undefended. Meaning I always put three leaders on it with their respective units to be able to defend against enemy invaders.
2. I attack an undefended or least defended castle. It is always best to attack an undefended castle or a castle that is weak in defense.
3. Putting up a gate. I see to it that the castles I have conquered cannot be conquered again by an enemy by protecting one or two castles that they need to break through before they can get to my other castles.

A few years back when I bought my Playstation one console, this game was one of the game discs I chose to be one of my free game discs that are free when you buy a Playstation one console during that time. I failed to test it though and I ended up returning it the day after because it can’t be read by my newly bought Playstation one, talk about the feeling of being a victim of pirated game discs at my first try. Huhuhu. He,he. Anyway, the second game disc that I purchased after a few years is now very readable by my Playstation console even though it is only a pirated copy. But this is the last game I ever played on my Playstation one before it crash and became useless. Ha,ha,ha.

I recommend this game to all who love ancient battles, games and magic.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Final Fantasy 7

Final Fantasy 7 is the first final fantasy adventure game I ever played. The first time I saw this game, different emotions came over me like amazement and admiration for the game. I was so excited of the elements present on this game like the casting of magic, the summoning of ancient beasts and guardians, the special skills of the characters when they reached their limits, and the awesome graphics. I love this game so much that I played this game for an uncountable number of times already. I love the side quests in this game like the chocobo race, a race of chicken like animal with strength of a horse. These chocobos are animals that we need to navigate the map much faster and convenient because when you ride them, you will not enter into random battles with enemies on the map.
There are different kinds of weapons and equipment on the game which I found interesting and helpful. These weapons not only give characters an edge against difficult enemies but also cool to look at and have different ability and support magic embedded on some of it. The main power of the characters come from different orbs they called a “materia”. These materias give characters the ability of magic, summon, support, and techniques they needed in order to gain an advantage in battles.

You will find this game worth playing at your free time. This also has a PSP version now aside from the original Playstation 1 version. And a DVD movie has been created too, it is entitled Final Fantasy Advent Children, this is actually a continuation of the ending story from Final Fantasy 7. Final Fantasy Advent Children contains great and impressive computer graphics that you will wonder how they did it. I recommend you to play the game first then watch its DVD movie version second, so that you can relate to the movie.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Final Fantasy 8

Final Fantasy 8 is my second final fantasy game that I played from all the rest the series excluding Final Fantasy Tactics. I purchased this game at a computer store in Festival Mall in Alabang. When I got home to try the discs I purchased, my playstation console didn’t read the discs as fast and clear as I thought it would be, but what should I expect, it is only a pirated disc and it is bound to be either unreadable by the console or readable but takes a long time to load and sometimes skips.

So, the next afternoon, I immediately went back to the store to replace the defective discs. This time I played it at their console and still the console wasn’t able to read it. They replaced it with another disc and this time it played but I think the console was still having a hard time reading it, in the sense that it skips and pause for a period of seconds or even minutes before continuing on. I decided to just settle for the second replacement discs they have given me, which turns out to be a big mistake because when I got home, the discs didn’t played on my game console, and I grew so angry and heartbroken because I really love to play this game.
I did get the chance to play this game though, but only after a few years later. The pirated copies were now readable by my playstation console already because maybe they upgraded their equipment to copy original discs or something.

This game is very realistic that is why I love it. I specially love the characters limit break ability every time they are low on health. These limit breaks are the highlights of game play because of its destructive ability and impressive graphics. The summon monster on this game which is called Guardian Forces are the ones who gives magic abilities and boosts the characters status.
The story is about love, friendship, hope, heroism and many more.
This game is recommended for all who love cool graphics and a love story.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Final fantasy Tactics is the first tactical game I ever played. The first time I saw this game was when I am in college. As I was walking along Llanas Mall in Alabang, I caught a glimpse of someone playing this game at the arcade computer station. I was amazed to see that the game play of this game resembles that of a chess board game, and that turn me on because I love to play chess. Combined also with fantasy and magic, I immediately fell in love with it.
I immediately planned to get a copy of this game and days passed by when I finally went to the store to buy this game, and I tried to play it. It take me about five to seven minutes before my first battle began, I was a bit disappointed because I thought that I could only control one character and that is Ramza, the protagonist. So I didn’t purchase it the first time. Then as days passed by, I saw this guy again playing the same game at Llanas Mall and I asked him if I could only control one character in the game. He said it was only at first because it was just a prelude of the story that is why the only character I can control is Ramza. But as the game progresses, you can control different characters as well. These characters are soldiers at first and when you level them up by gaining experience in battles, they can be given different job classes that you would like to give them.
The following are examples of the job classes.
1. Squire – the basic job class.
2. Chemist – the basic job class, able to learn item skills.
3. Knight – the second job class after squire. Able to learn break techniques.
4. Wizard – the second job class after chemist. Able to learn magic spells.
5. Monk – a warrior class type. Have incredible attack power.
6. Time Mage- class that can learn time magic abilities that can hasten allies and slow enemies.
7. Archer – class that can shoot arrows. Can learn the charge ability.
8. Oracle – class that can learn the ying yang magic.
9. Summoner – class that can summon monsters that can heal allies or damage enemies.
10. Priest – class that can learn white magic for healing and support.
11. Geomancer – class that can learn to cast a magic element depending on the surface he or she is on.
12. Lancer – class that can learn the jump ability and can equip the lance weapon.
13. Mediator – class that uses his talk ability in battle.
14. Bard – class only for men. Can sing songs that do healing or support magic on all allies.
15. Dancer – class only for women. Can dance that do damage or inflict bad statuses on foes.
16. Samurai – class that can draw power instilled at the katana blade which can damage foes or heal and support allies.
17. Ninja – class that have the ability to attack twice and has a throw ability which he can throw weapons at enemies at great distances.
18. Calculator – class that uses math skill which depending on the character’s level, action time, height, and experience.
19. Mime – class that mimics every allies move.
Aside from these classes, the main characters on the game usually start with a special class and not a squire. Some of these are classes are holy knight, dark knight, engineer, heaven or hell knight, divine knight, holy swordsman, temple knight, dragoner, and soldier.
My favorite class is the Magic Classes like Wizard, Summoner, Time Mage, Oracle, and Priest. For me, during a battle, why will I expend my effort in a sword fight, I would rather blast the enemies with magic rather than swinging a sword at them. He,he.

I recommend this game for all those who love chess and tactical games.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Megaman X

Megaman X is the updated version of the Megaman series. The game Megaman X1 to X3 was first released on the SNES Super Nintendo Entertainment System console and Megaman X4 to X7 was continued on in Playstation 1. In this game, Megaman got a new look which is very cool and futuristic. He also has the ability to gain different body armor parts that can be combined to form a more powerful Megaman character. The first series I ever played is Megaman X1. When I first played it, I was astounded of the idea that Megaman can be equip with an armor that boosts not only his ability and power but also his looks. He,he,he.

When I was in high school, I used to draw Megaman and finally come up with comic strips of him. I drew Megaman with a futuristic armor too, that is why I am surprise and happy to see that this drawing became a reality in today’s Megaman games.

I love this game because of the thrill of the game and Megaman’s ability to obtain the ability of his defeated enemy bosses and also the cool innovations of super armor availability.
Recommended for everyone.

Breath of Fire 3

Breath of Fire 3 is the first Breath of fire series I ever played because the other series, 1 and 2, were on the family computer or SNES (I think), that is why I hadn’t got the chance to play those games and I am sad and disappointed about it because this game is the one of the best RPG or role playing game in the Playstation. The storyline of the game consist of the protagonist who is a lone survivor from the lost race of dragons. These dragons have the ability to change into human form at will, and only change into dragon form if really needed to do so. This game features adventure and role playing as you will embark on the journey for the truth of why the dragons no longer exist in this world. You will face many enemies and obstacles throughout your journey. There are also featured mini games here. Example of this is the fairy mini game that you can do aside from continuing on with your journey.

Helping you on your quest are your allies you find along the way which consist of a princess, a scholar, two juvenile thieves, a guardian and an experimental plant. These characters have different abilities and magic powers which I really love. By the way my favorite magic element is the ice element, I always imagine myself casting ice magic but I don’t know why.
The main character has the ability to change into different forms of dragons depending on the element you chose to combine or splice at the menu option for splicing genes to be able to change into dragon form. Examples of these dragons are the following: fire dragon, ice dragon, normal dragon, dark dragon, holy dragon, behemoth, mammoth, and many more. As the name implies on those dragons, they have different abilities and magic depending on the element on those dragons.
In addition, you can also learn skills from your enemies by selecting the examine button when you encounter an enemy or enemies. You can also learn abilities by enrolling your characters at masters that you can find at the game. Masters can also affect the characters stats when they gain a level. For example, a master who specializes in attack will let you gain twice the attack that you normally receive at level up, but the only set back is some stats will also decrease for example your intelligence stats. It is wise to put a master that specializes in attack in your character that is strong so that he or she will get stronger and a master that specializes in intelligence, in your character that is a magic caster.
I love this game so much I played more than ten times already. It is a very addictive game to those who love adventure games. Anyway, this game is really for all those role playing game fanatics out there.


Contra is an action game featuring two soldiers as the main characters of the game. Together, their main goal is to reach the end of the stage with the best weapon in hand, so that they will have an edge against the enemy boss which is very powerful and you will find it hard to avoid its attacks and projectiles. This said weapons can be one or two of the following: fireball weapon, spread blaster, magnum blaster, homing rocket, and the cannon bomb. My favorite weapon is the homing rocket because it seeks enemies wherever they are on the screen. In additional, you also can also obtain the full screen bomb that blasts the whole screen starting in a circular light until it covers the whole screen. This bomb is very useful in a field with multiple enemies or when cornered. The first Contra I ever played is at the family computer, although it offers poor graphic quality, it is still an enjoyable game you can play with your playmate or only by yourself.

I recommend this to those who love action games.

Twin Bee

Twinbee is an aircraft playing game that can be played with two players. The screen will scroll upwards towards this aircraft’s main goal. I find this game funny because of the ability of the two aircraft to merge into one aircraft and upgrading its weapon to a fireball mode, doing more damage to enemy aircrafts. But the problem with it is that only one player can control the combined Twinbee aircraft and when the other player wants to control it, you might end up separating your aircraft again. Anyway, there is power ups on the game that can be obtain by shooting bells from clouds that change colors each time you shoot at it. The power up depends on the color of the bell that you obtain.

Still, this game can be a good pastime whenever you feel alone and sad. He,he,he.

Puzzle Bobble

Puzzle Bobble is a colorful puzzle game that is very cute to look at. Your goal here is to match three or more balls with colors of the same kind, so that you can prevent it from getting at the bottom of the screen and ending your game. You will have to shoot the colored ball at the corresponding same color at the top of the screen. I think this game is especially made for kids, to teach them how to combine colors and some strategy.

Dragonball Z

Dragonball is the fighting game that features impressive combat skills and special powers that will make you want to jump from the edge of your seat. The first game of this was released on the 16 bit computer game console and is in 2-D format. Nevertheless, even at its 2-D format it is still an impressive game. And when the 3-D format was released it became even more impressive. My favorite character is the main character, Son Gokou. Gokou is the protagonist in the first release of its anime version of the game. I just love this game’s feature of characters ability to fly and do super destructive blast in different sort of ways but you got to take some time to memorize the sequence of which you need to input in the control pad to be able to do this blasts.
I recommend this to all dragon ball z fans out there.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Battle City

Battle City is a game where you have to fight on a fixed screen. The screen is decorated with blocks and cement, grass, ice and many more which resembles like military field maze where your main goal is to destroy all enemy tanks that pop out of the screen, before they destroy your home base. You can also team up with your playmate using the second controller port, so that you can easily dispatch many threat as possible.
I always play this with someone because it’s good to have a helping hand in annihilating those enemy tanks which by the way can be very irritating sometimes when they multiply at a fast rate.
I recommend this for all those who love an action shooting game.

Ice Climber

Ice climber is a game which the only goal is to get to the very top of the mountain by breaking ice blocks above the characters head by means of jumping on it with the character’s hammer. Along the way, a bunch of not so friendly beasts will see to it that you don’t reach the top but I find it easy to deal with them. The only problem with this game is that when you are on the topmost section, you are only jumping on a bridge of clouds that move from sideways across the screen, giving you a hard time from reaching your goal and more chances of falling off on it when you make a jump for the other cloud.

I recommend this game for those who want to just spend their lazy afternoon off.

Rainbow Island

Rainbow Island is an adventure game that is literally very colorful. The character can create rainbows from his hand and uses it as a bridge to be able to reach the topmost area in each stage and also these rainbows is his primary weapon against his enemies that he encounters. Aside from the rainbow, he can obtain different item in the game, an example of it is the speed shoes which can add his speed in walking through the entire island. His goal is to collect different colored diamonds that represent the colors of the rainbow. There are seven diamonds that he needs to collect each stage to be able to reach the last stage.
I was only able to end this game with the use of the cheat I have discovered. It’s when I accidentally press start (pause) and then the select button. When I continued the game, I was surprised to see that the character became invincible to all enemies. He,he,he.
The only thing to watch out for is if you run out of time, the island will begin to sink and if you got caught on the rising tide, you will die even if you input the invincibility code.

I recommend this for everyone who likes colors, treasures, jewels, rainbows, and other colorful cute stuffs.

Castlevania 3: Symphony of the Night

After Castlevania 1, this is the second Castlevania I ever played because I didn’t get the chance to play the second chapter of the game which was released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System or SNES.
Castlevania 3: Symphony of the Night is my most favorite game in two dimensional, in the Playstation. When this game was released and I played it, it really swipes me off my feet. My teeth are grinding with excitement and my eyes were wide open with amazement as this game offers many innovations that will make Castlevania 1 seems like made in the Jurassic era.
Innovations include the protagonist’s ability to transform into a bat, a wolf, and a mist. He is also able to leap two times and many more. He is able to do magic too that is very powerful and helpful when fighting most enemies and bosses. This magic ability is deducted on magic points or MP and has the ability to restore as time passes so he doesn’t run out of magic power. The thing that run out of him is hearts which is the thing needed to use his sub weapon namely the axe, knife, holy water, cross, jewel, and many more. But this isn’t a problem anymore because he has a variety of items to choose from that can restore his health and magic power and even hearts. He also has a collection of weapons that has different ability depending on the weapon he is using. For example, the Mourneblade weapon is a blade that lets you damage your enemies and at the same time heals the character. Different weapons and items can be found in the game, rare kind of treasure in secret places in the map and enemies that have fallen will sometimes drop items or weapons. The background sound is superb and nicely done with an orchestra effect. The storyline is very good and I love it.
Recommended for those who loves art and adventure combine into one.

Castlevania 1

This is the first horror game I ever played because it has zombies, bats, monsters and many terrifying creatures in the dark that serve as your obstacles throughout the entire game. Castlevania 1 is first seen on the family computer. I really don’t like the controls on this game though, because the main character has limited amount of moves. He can only jump, whip, whip harder, do special tricks that require hearts to perform (which is very hard to get) and that’s it. The jump feature of the main character is not that high, and it is hard to control especially if you need to jump from cliff to cliff. I always ended up at the bottom of the cliff and dying at same the time or falling off a ledge over and over again and it is a very frustrating experience indeed. The character is so weak and only has whip that can be upgraded with another whip that has only an added length of one fourth of the normal whip. His special weapon which consists of the knife, axe, timer, cross and holy water are also known as his sub weapon. You can only equip one sub weapon aside from your primary weapon which is the whip. This sub weapons or special weapons do consume hearts though and are easily expended whenever you use them. For example, the knife weapon consumes one heart per usage and the cross weapon consumes four hearts per usage. This hearts can be obtained by breaking or whipping candles along the way. Most of the candles contain one heart each and least of them contain five hearts each. So you see, whenever you are in a boss fight, and you got low on hearts, you will have a hard time fighting them without the said sub weapons. So that is why when I played it on the family computer I only got up to level 2 stage and I got so frustrated I never played it again until its version on the Playstation portable (PSP) was released.
Recommended for those who love a two dimensional environment with a twist of a horror experience.

Friday, August 22, 2008

B Wings

This is the first fighter jet plane that I love, because of its ability to change its weapon. This said weapons do wreck havoc in many different sort of ways depending on its range, power, and energy. The following are the list of weapons in this game.
1. Multi –lets you fire multiple projectiles on your target enemies ranging from wide projectiles to straight ones.
2. Van – lets you shoot out three rockets at your enemies.
3. Side – lets you shoot from both sides. Left and right.
4. Anti – lets you fire projectiles upwards and downwards on the screen.
5. Hammer – grants you two black orbs circling around your ship that acts as a shield and then lets you fire six orbs at your enemies.
6. Jump – fires projectiles in different directions.
7. Dyna – fires a crescent beam at your enemies.
8. Fire – lets you shoot a straight flame at your enemies.
9. Cannon – a super blast of laser projectiles at your enemies.
10. Wide – lets you fire your blast at a wide range.
There are also super weapons in the game which is hidden in large spaceship that you need to destroy in order to get them. I have found three of this so far but I have forgotten what they look like, but I do remember that one weapon that fires a blast of electricity in all four directions, and that is my favorite weapon. If you are just starting on this game, it is wise to choose hammer or dyna weapon at first because hammer has a shield that protects the ship and sometimes when you got hit, and that weapon is destroyed, the shield circling around your ship still remains and still can protect your little ship which is now stripped of his chosen weapon. Dyna too can be a good choice because it fires like a barrier that block enemy attacks and is also wide too.
Recommended for airship loving fans out there.

Adventure Island

When I saw this game and played it, I really can’t shake this thought that it mimicked the Super Mario adventure game, nevertheless, it is still a good game with adventure and thrill. But one thing I noticed in this game is that is it very hard to play and the controls are not that good, I get the feel that the character protagonist is always sliding not walking whenever I wanted him to just walk, so I get bumped with rocks and fall off the cliff most of the time, which is really unlike when I play super Mario. It’s like it is the same as Super Mario but only harder.
Recommended for anyone who enjoys the thrill of getting a gameover most of the time. Hehe.


Ah, who doesn't love a chewing, chowing, and chomping hero. Eating all that little white balls on the labyrinth with monsters on it is a cute thought. Hehe. I saw Pacman debuting on the personal computer on early 80's. I didn't get hook on it though because I easily get tired of the same action over and over again, but hey, at least it can be a good pastime.

Recommended for everyone.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Street Fighter

I first saw this fighting game on the family computer and continuously evolve to the most modern game console on our time, Fighters from different country compete with each other in a martial arts tournament and the primary goal here is to win battles with characters to be able to reach the next stage. Different levels of difficulty can be done in the options menu that range from easy battles to hard ones. Easy battles are recommended for beginners, specially, if they are still learning to input the commands to make a special move of their chosen character. I got hooked in playing this game because I like to compete with my playmates and it was fulfilling to beat them in this computer game duel. Characters are very interesting and almost close to reality although most of their special powers were not real, or is impossible to be done in real life, their faces were illustrated almost life like.
My favorite character is Ryu and Chun-li because they are easy to maneuver and I find it easy to memorize their moves. The characters has different stories why they decided to enter this tournament. And the ending is different with which character you chose to play with.Recommended only for players above 8 years old because of the animated violence it has. But still a good game especially if you like playing with someone and using your second player controller.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Super Mario Brothers

This game is perhaps the most popular game in family computer during its first run in the market. They say that Super Mario Brothers is as popular as Mickey Mouse. I think the reason behind its popularity is the damsel in distress plot that the creators did with the story.
Mario brothers' arch enemy is King Kuppa which has kidnapped Princess Toadstool so that he could rule their world and Mario's own world too. The two friendly plumbers brothers were set to blocked King Kuppa's evil ambition by rescuing the princess. But during the brothers quests on different lands, they will have to face a myriad of enemies and dangers.
I recommend this game to everyone that love adventure type games with the feel of quests and a little bit of puzzles and labyrinths.


When i was a child, the family computer was introduced to the market and my father bought me my first gaming computer, fortunately this was one of my very first games. The plot of the story easily catches my attention and interest.
I am very fond of elemental magic and stuff so that is why i love this game. This game features the protagonist with the ability to absorb the power of his enemies that he defeats. Such powers are commonly the elements of fire, water, wind, stone, leaf, metal and many more.
The other good stuff about this game is the storyline. The hero is a robot built intended to save mankind from the menace of the world known as his antagonist, Dr. Wily.
Dr. Wily actually steals good robots and turns them into bad ones. This is where our hero comes in as he stops the evil plans of Dr. Wily like world domination, by means of destroying the evil robots and putting Dr. Wily in jail. But Dr. Wily always manages to escape jail and when he does, it only mean that he will continue with his plan to rule the world. Luckily, Megaman is there to save the day.
I highly recommend this game to everyone. Although it is hard to find this game nowadays, but I think it can be downloaded from the net and also has a dvd playstation version already.